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Virtualisation is an important and growing trend, and many UK businesses are now incorporating virtual solutions within their IT infrastructures.

Virtualisation means running software within a virtual environment. Virtual environments are created when operating systems and desktop applications are emulated, and don’t run directly on physical hardware. When software is virtualised, you can run several applications and operating systems on one physical server.

You can create a more agile infrastructure, reduce the total cost of IT ownership and minimise downtime.

Specific benefits include:

• Server consolidation (for example you can run several operating systems on one physical server, so you get the maximum use from your hardware)
• Easier software back-up and disaster recovery
• Hosting legacy applications, for example ones that need to run on older operating systems
• Reduced test and development costs - you get the most from your hardware, plus improved life cycle management and test coverage
• Better business continuity - the flexibility of a virtual set-up helps reduce scheduled and unscheduled downtime
• Being greener: fewer physical servers means a smaller carbon footprint

And don’t forget, virtualisation can apply to all the elements of your IT infrastructure: servers, operating systems and desktop applications.


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